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Immune Booster Protocol

Immune Booster Protocol

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Colds & Flu: Garlic (46.98), No 7 Systemic Booster (99.98), Energy (63.98), Glucosinolates & Sulforaphanes (61.98).  

Garlic has been shown in research to do so much and mostly, to really go after microbes that are not harmonious with your body, in other words, they don’t play nice, and make you feel terrible. Energy is intelligent, powerful, and so effective, a formula that goes the distance to give you actual energy, to manage detox, to boost your immunity, and keep your body humming. Glucosinolates & Sulforaphanes is a beautiful formula of the most potent broccoli sprouts that manage to calm your liver, detox very gently (Phase II detox), supports a health DNA and protects you against chronic and infectious dis-eases.

Let’s roll our sleeves and get into it in more details, and of course, you can further read and empower yourself with knowledge on each product page, and in Share the Power – interviewing doctors and patients, sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Garlic blocks viral entry into the host cells! It has the ability to modulate the immune system, preventing the spread of many kinds of viral infections (Rouf et al., 2020). 

Our organic Garlic is an exceptionally potent supplement, and it boasts four to five cloves of organic garlic in every capsule.

Known as the Russian Penicillin, garlic has been used for centuries therapeutically as an antimicrobial and over the last thirty years this has been our focus as well.

Sourcing garlic cloves with exceptional antimicrobial potential, along with utilizing the most advanced air/belt drying and manufacturing technologies enable us to provide the most therapeutically potent garlic in the market.

Energy is an intelligent healthy booster. With a unique combination of 72 plant-based Ultra Minerals and Apple Extracts, Energy increases our production of ATP, an important molecule that energizes and fuels every metabolic process in our body.

Ultra-Minerals in Energy is a unique blend of 72 cold-water extracted plant-based minerals. Derived from deeply buried flora and plants dated back to the ancient Mesozoic Era, the ultra-minerals deliver a full spectrum of important elements and trace minerals, most of which are absent from foods and supplements currently on the market.

Minerals and ultra (or trace) minerals are essential nutrients for human health (Davidson, 2017), playing a central role in regulating cardiovascular function (Mohammadifard et al., 2017), metabolic functions, internal antioxidant defense mechanism, bone formation, immune function, and much more (Pappas et al., 2018). The soil lacks many nutrients, in particular minerals and trace minerals, all due to ongoing poor farming methods, overuse of herbicides and pesticides, mono crops, inadequate fertilizers, and other shortsighted agricultural practices.

Apple and apple extracts are associated with numerous health benefits (Hyson, 2011), including longevity, cognition, and energy (Hodgson et al., 2016; Flanagan et al., 2016, respectively). As an energy booster, apple is found to be as energizing as coffee! In fact, apples offer equivalent energy as caffeinated drinks. More so, due to the different polyphenols in apples, athletes and sports players enjoy improved endurance during intense exercise while keeping their muscles flexible and pain free (Deley et al., 2017; Flanagan et al., 2016).

We have learned that the polyphenols in berries boost the immune system against Covid 19 in the new book (2021): Immunity Boosting Functional Foods to Combat COVID-19. 

As research advances, we learn how different food medicines affect the immune system, and broccoli has found to offer an amazing immune booster against Covid-19 (Saha & Agrawal, 2021). What is in broccoli (and even more in broccoli sprouts) that is so powerful? 

In Saha and Agrawal (2021) own words: Broccoli, a member of the cruciferous family, is a nutrient-packed powerhouse that can boost our immune system. It is a tremendous source of phytochemical including glucosinolates, sulforaphane, glucoraphanin, S-methyl cysteine sulfoxide, isothiocyanates etc. Moreover, it contains vitamin like C, E and K and minerals like iron, zinc and selenium. It confers desirable health benefits by providing antioxidants, regulating enzyme, apoptosis and cell cycle and reducing the risk of diseases including Type-2 diabetes. 

This is the power of Glucosinolates & Sulforaphanes. Amazing isn’t it? 

And there you have it – a power filled protocol to protect and go after viruses and bacteria, to strengthen the immune system, lower inflammation (you know the achy feeling you have when you get a cold or flu, that is inflammation!), and give you a sustained energy to boost your ability to fight infections and to come back to equilibrium.




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