Together, let’s put an end to deteriorating health

Rebuild Your Health: Body, Mind, and Soul

Rebuild Your Health: Body, Mind, and Soul


Do you have one or more pesky conditions that you would like to improve? For example, losing those few (or many) pounds that never seem to go away? Or trying to find the so called ‘will power’ not to eat what you know is not good for you…??

How about improving your energy levels? Handling arthritic stiffness?

Or maybe you think you know what you need to do for your health, but somehow it is not really coming together?

It is time to have a sound guiding conversation about your health and figure out what needs to happen next.

Dr. Dohrea Bardell will lead you through a systematic questionnaire to highlight potential areas to re-focus and rebuild healthy practices for a stronger body, mind, and spirit.

This wonderfully illuminating session is not meant to diagnose and treat but to lead you through areas in your health practices that need special attention.

Dr. Bardell may also suggest holistic practitioners and integrative doctors and will encourage you to create a dynamite team of health care professionals around you.

Together, we will create a natural course of action for your health, in a way that makes sense to you.

Included:  2 hours all together.  Appointments are on zoom.

Dr. Dohrea Bardell has her PhD in Human Development and has been consulting for over 30 years.

Please email to schedule an appointment after you purchase the session.

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