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Rebuilding Health: Comprehensive Guidance

Rebuilding Health: Comprehensive Guidance


We are all affected by many factors such as stress, trauma, environmental toxins, dietary issues, and others.  Although we may know what we need to do, it is difficult to initiate, to follow through, and ultimately succeed in establishing the kinds of routines and practices that lead you into robust health.

And at times we are lost as to what we need to do to feel better. We have tried it all…

When you feel you need a thorough guidance to figure out what is going on with your health, and how to feel good again in your body (and mind), this is the session for you.

Dr. Dohrea Bardell will guide you through a systematic questionnaire to highlight potential areas and then discuss with you how to approach your health care from a wider lens.

Often, when we change the way we look at things – the very things we look at change (Wayne Dyer). The idea here is to take a different perspective to rebuilding your health.

The in-depth session is not meant to diagnose and treat but to lead you through areas in your health practices that need special attention and expand your view on the different approaches to health building. I will also build a protocol of supplements for you.

Dr. Bardell may suggest holistic practitioners and integrative doctors and may encourage you to create a dynamite team of health care professionals.

Creating a comprehensive course of action for your health must make sense to you and this is what we will figure out, together.

Included:  3+ hours all together, including email communications, main session and if needed, a follow up session. You will receive a questionnaire, and after the session a protocol. Appointments are on zoom.

Dr. Dohrea Bardell has her PhD in Human Development and has been consulting for over 30 years.

Please email to schedule an appointment after you purchase the session.

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